The Art Loss Register

Loss Registration

Loss Registration

Report the theft or loss of an artwork or valuable item to the Art Loss Register for registration on the database.

All uniquely identifiable items can be registered on the ALR’s worldwide database.

The database currently holds over 435,000 objects. The ALR holds all the information in strictest confidence and there is no public access to the data held.

Valuable items can either be registered while in your ownership or subsequent to a loss or a theft.

The security of all valuable possessions is greatly improved by registration. After the ALR has conducted its due diligence checks, the ALR will confirm your item has been registered.

Items, which are registered before loss or theft, are held in the ALR positive database. The positive database is of particular appeal for collections, where inventories are not regularly checked or updated and which are accessible to public viewing. The positive database is equally important for both public and private collections. As a significant deterrent to theft, maximum publicity should be given to the fact that all items have been registered with the ALR.

Greatest security is provided by the database where the items are completely described in detail and are accompanied by clear photographs. The range of items, which can be registered on the database, is huge. Included would be paintings, drawings, sculpture, clocks, ceramics, furniture, objects d’art, silver, garden statuary, rugs, tapestries, jewellery, watches, arms and armour.

Registration after a loss or a theft means that you will benefit from the ALR’s extensive worldwide checks on sales of valuable possessions. The widespread use by ALR investigators and law enforcement authorities throughout the world of the database maximises the chance that any attempt to sell your item will be discovered. Over 360,000 items per year which pass through public auctions, dealers and private sales are investigated.

In the event that the ALR discovers that your item is being offered for sale, you will be contacted to determine the legitimacy of the sale. Working with the relevant law enforcement agency, the ALR will investigate any unauthorised sale and assist in the recovery of the item to you, the legitimate owner

Any uniquely identifiable item can be registered online. Loss registrations are charged on a basis of £10, US$15 or €15 per item (plus VAT where applicable), but please contact us directly in case of a large theft.

The details of your possessions are held securely on the ALR database for no charge for as long as you wish. It is only at the point of a successful recovery that you will become liable for a further fee. This is calculated as 20% (plus VAT) of the net benefit to the claimant at the successful conclusion of the process.

The registration of items on the database assumes your agreement to this commercial agreement.

The ALR’s services are provided by trained art experts.

Terms and conditions of registration.

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