The Art Loss Register

Police Registration

Police Registration

Register a lost, stolen, looted or fake artwork on the Art Loss Register's database free of charge.

All uniquely identifiable items can be registered on the ALR’s international database.

The database currently includes half a million items. The ALR holds all information in strictest confidence and there is no public access to the data held. The range of items which can be registered on the database is huge, including paintings, drawings, sculpture, antiquities, furniture, jewellery, watches and clocks, musical instruments, silverware, coins and medals, ceramics, religious items, arms and armour, tapestries, classic cars, toys and collectibles.

Registration after a loss or a theft means that the item will be included ALR’s extensive worldwide checks on sales of valuable possessions. The widespread use of the ALR's database by law enforcement authorities throughout the world maximises the chance that any attempt to sell a stolen item will be discovered. Over 360,000 searches are carried out each year on items prior to sale on behalf of auction houses, art fairs, dealers, banks and lenders, museums, galleries, pawnbrokers, private individuals, governments and law enforcement agencies.

In the event that the ALR discovers that the item you have registered is being offered for sale, you will be informed immediately so that steps can be taken to recover the item on behalf of the victim and/or further investigate the crime. 

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