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Register Orphan Item

Register Orphan Item

Register an Orphan Item: an artwork or valuable seized or surrendered during a criminal investigation but stolen from an as-of-yet unidentified theft victim.

In addition to the traditional registration of lost and stolen items the ALR offers law enforcement agencies the opportunity to search and register so-called ‘Orphan Items’. These are objects subject to an active criminal investigation or seizure but for which no theft victim has been identified. In many cases this stems from the object being lost or stolen in one jurisdiction and identified in another.

The ALR provides quick, confidential searches of ‘Orphan Items’ in order to identify any registered theft victims or claimants. Any unregistered objects are then added on to the ALR database as ‘Orphans’. In the event that a theft victim is identified or a claimant later comes forward the ALR has a record of the investigation / seizure and can put the relevant parties in touch.

If you would like to register an orphan item, please contact us.

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