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Request a search of the Art Loss Register’s database to discover whether an item has been registered as missing, fake or stolen.

Increasingly, the value of any valuable possession depends on the ability to demonstrate clear title and evidence of its undisputed ownership since creation. The high incidence of international art theft is continuing testament to the fact that many stolen works of art are traded every year.

The benefits of searching the ALR database are two fold:

To the purchaser, a search minimises the chance of acquiring a work of art, which had been previously stolen. Alternatively there may be some question concerning its previous history of ownership, which could have a substantial impact on its future price and marketability.

To the art dealer, a search not only minimises the chance of acquiring a stolen work, but also acts as a significant deterrent to being approached with stolen art.

Given the range of product and the complexities of an international market, all search requests require detailed professional investigation and are carried out by ALR qualified art historians.

The process starts with your completion of the attached on line form and wherever possible the attachment of a clear photographic image. A comparison with stolen items on the database will then be carried out. Once these procedures have been completed, you will be emailed an ALR search certificate, which confirms that at the date that the search was made the item, had not been registered as stolen.

Prior to the production of the search certificate, it will be necessary for you to settle the ALR search fee, which is due whether or not a certificate is issued. This can either be done on the basis of an annual subscription at a cost of £500, US$800 or €600 (plus VAT where applicable) for 25 searches, or on the basis of each search carried out and paid for on the website using any of the major credit cards. The fees for single search requests are £60, US$95 or €70 (plus VAT where applicable). Any unused search credits will expire 1 year from date of purchase.

It is essential to the Art Trade that ALR certificates are not issued on the basis of incomplete or inadequately researched information. Therefore the ALR will notify the searcher if further research is required and the cost, and at the ALR's sole judgment reserves the right not to issue a certificate.

The ALR’s services are provided by trained art experts.

Terms and conditions of search.

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