The Art Loss Register

Police Searching

Police Searching

Request a free search of the Art Loss Register’s database to discover whether an item has been registered as stolen, missing, subject to a dispute, or reported with authenticity issues.

The ALR offers its services to Law Enforcement free of charge. To request searches of the database, please create an account with your details via the ALR website and we will verify it so that you are eligible for free searching. Alternatively, send your request to or contact the office for more information.

The ALR frequently checks items seized or recovered by police forces against its database. This allows police forces to check those items against the largest international database of stolen art in the world, and identify items which may have been stolen in another country or many years ago. In those cases where the circumstances of the theft and/or the contact details of the victim are not known, the ALR may be able to supply this information. All items reported to the ALR remain registered on the database until they are recovered, which may be many decades later. The ALR archive is therefore an invaluable resource for law enforcement agencies that are no longer able to identify or access the original case files or theft report for a stolen item. 

A member of the ALR team can also accompany a police force on a raid, in order to help identify items that have been recovered and/or their owners. 

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