The Art Loss Register

The Gun Loss Register

The Gun Loss Register

The Gun Loss Register is a new service offered by the Art Loss Register

The Art Loss Register database has grown to include a significant proportion of guns and weapons, of which there are 7,000 registered today and which form the section of the database called the Gun Loss Register. It is the largest database of stolen guns available for due diligence.
The losses registered on the Gun Loss Register have been reported to us by police, insurers, private individuals, and the trade worldwide. The database can be checked by registered firearms dealers andauction houses who subscribe to the service.
The Gun Loss Register holds registrations for many top gun makers. These include Boss & Co., James Purdey & Sons, William Evans, Holland & Holland,Westley Richards, Webley & Scott, and many more.
Types of items that may be searched include, but are not limited to, obsolete /deactivated calibre and antique fireams and associated weaponry.
We are currently undergoing a trial with the gun trade and gun makers in the UK. Please contact us for enquiries about pricing.
For more information, email or call +44 (0) 207 841 5780.

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